Book Overview


Book THE VALUES PURSUED LIFE is a clear and simple
story that was created by Gary Gordon to show
how principle based values can transform us from effectiveness
to greatness.

This book provides an atmosphere in which
to become self-aware, grow and fine-tune the minutiae of production, sales,and customer service skills. The values pursued life provides the perfect theme. Seek excellence and greatness from within.

A man named Shabaroo begins an erstwhile and fantastical journey that proves a long and arduous path in search of a template in which to exist as a man of values and principles. Readers are provided a space to begin their own journey prompted by bold affirmations. This guide serves as a powerful work book in which to jot down dreams, desires, and goals. In an attempt to encourage readers of all ages, the book blends satire with allegory and fable.


Smart and provocative, The Values Pursued Life by Gary Gordon mixes business with self-improvement and personal empowerment. This incredibly, relevant and wildly original self-improvement guide shows readers how to effect proactive and meaningful change in their personal and professional lives...